Here are various space links.  Some of the links are to Space Activist Groups.  I happily invite you to join any of these groups.  Without public participation, our future adventures in space exploration will be limited to watching Star Trek reruns.

Apollo Lunar Surface Journal    This web-page covers Apollo missions 11 through 17.  It includes the voice transcripts from the missions, pictures, video, voice clips, etc.  Very thorough and worth browsing.

A FIELD TRIP TO THE MOON A personal account of the Apollo 17 mission from Harrison Schmitt, astronaut and lunar field geologist.  A very enjoyable read, and rounds out Eugene Cernan's very enjoyable book, "The Last Man on the Moon."

The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Robert Heinlein. Although a science fiction novel from 1965, this thoughtful story incorporates many of the technological and socio-economic issues surrounding a lunar colony, its relationship to it's environment, and it's relationship to earth. It is the first book I know of where mass driver technology was referenced as a method of launching material and people from the surface of the moon. The ideas in this one book can be found in almost every website devoted to lunar and/or space colonization.

Space Activists:

The Artemis Project  An ambitious international group that wants to put a commercial colony on the moon.

Island One Society  This is another great lunar/space colonization site by a dedicated group of space colonization activists.  It has great sources of information and links to other sites on the web.

The Moon Society This is an offshoot of the Artemis Project.  Whereas the Artemis Project is specific, the moon society is more general.

The National Space Society  These people originally were the L-5 Society.  If you want to find out more about L-5 colonies, go here.  Click on the Chapters link.  Many of the chapters in various states are still go by the L-5 Society moniker and have lots of L-5 colony information.

P.E.R.M.A.N.E.N.T.  Projects to Employ Resources of the Moon and Asteroids Near Earth in the Near Term.  This page also has some very useful information.  If you want to find out what the basic consistency of the regolith is, he's got it.  This page also has great links.  Click on the Outline link at the top of the page and go from there.

The Space Access Society  This group is working hard to make cheap access to space a reality.  These are some of the guys that were behind the move to get the experimental spacecraft DC-X working.  DC-X was an unconventional, non-NASA approach to building spacecraft.  It was an experimental flight test bed that had the advantage that it was inexpensive.  You may want to check out the book Halfway to Anywhere, which covers the story of the DC-X and other cheap access to space issues.

The Space Frontier Foundation  Another group working to make human space colonization a reality.

The Space Studies Institute This organization was founded by Dr. Gerard K. O'Neill, the father of the L-5 colony concept.

Acknowledgements, etc.:

Experimental Rocket Propulsion Society This group is working on SSTO technology utilizing Hydrogen Peroxide.  This is one of the few groups using liquid propellant rockets to win the CATS prize.  Great people, especially if you are interested in liquid propelled rocketry.
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