Space Icons


Space Icons were created to supply the world with realistic space-themed desktop icons. Most icons come with a transparent background, so the various planet icons don't have the characteristic black square around them. The icons themselves are shareware in nature. Feel free to redistribute the SpaceIcons.exe file in any non-pecuniary method you see fit, but please giving credit to where credit is due. If you find the icons worthwhile, a donation to would be greatly appreciated. (After donating, Send an email to with the subject "SpaceIcons.exe", and you'll receive updates to SpaceIcons.exe as they become available.)

An EXE file contains all of the icons. Copy the exe file to your computer and put it in a directory that is not likely to be changed. The icons are accessed via the Change Icon feature present in the shortcut Properties window of most desktop shortcuts.  Some system icons can be changed through the customize desktop feature under the desktop tab of the display properties.

Download the Space Icons file using the following link:

Win2000/WinXP: Download Space Icons